Global Marketing Standardisation – Dissertation Sample

Global marketing standardisation vs adaptation The world of business and marketing gets more competitive by the day (Crews, C. and Thierer, A. (2003) 272-285).  Processes of change such as globalisation and technological advancements pit actors in the business world against each other even more confrontationally (Crews, C. and Thierer, A. (2003) 272-285), as time passes. […]

Studding Restorative Justice – Dissertation Sample

Your assumptions about place of punishment in society been affected by studding restorative justice Zwelethemba epitomises restorative justice in South Africa, is popular amongst the community and is the essence of maintaining peace in the community (Roche, 2004: 85).  Money received from this programme is contributed back into the community to reduce poverty and unemployment […]

Economic Activity – Dissertation Sample

Movement of persons within the EU are very much still dependent on economic activity The European Union largely grew out of the European Economic Community (hereafter the “EEC”), which was established in 1957. The EEC was, as its title suggests, an exclusively economic association of Member States and as such the rights and liabilities that it settled […]

Theories of Race and Ethnicity – Dissertation Sample

Theories of race and ethnicity have influenced media discourses of the war on terrorism It is generally true to say that the American and British media have a shallow and dilettantish understanding of the race and ethnicity of the ‘enemy’ in the ‘war on terrorism’. These enemies who are principally Arab and Islamic extremists or […]

Media a Version of Reality – Dissertation Sample

Assess the Argument that Media representation has to be viewed as a version of reality It is commonly accepted that in our postmodern age, the notion of ‘reality’ is a function of perception and perspective. Many intellectuals, in particular semioticians, view the concept of completely objective truth to be an outmoded fallacy, and that truth, […]

Google Print’s – Dissertation Sample

What is the academic publishers view of Google Print’s entry to the library project? In 2005, Google decided to launch a controversial campaign to digitize the world’s information and place it all in a digitally accessible and completely free, ad-sponsored database called Google Print.  Initially, although this seems a good idea, allowing readers and researchers around […]

Levels of Sedation – Dissertation Sample

Levels of sedation and its effects on prolonging mechanical ventilation in critically ill adults Ventilation and sedation is a procedure that is commonly seen in ITUs and other critical care establishments. It can be use for  a number of different therapeutic reasons and to help to treat a number of different clinical situations.(Marx WH et al 1999) […]

Care of the Dying Patient – Dissertation Sample

One of the most difficult decisions for a patient to have to make, or to be made for a patient, is about whether attempts should be made to prolong life once death has become imminent and inevitable. There are many situations in a medical setting where the patient may decide that it is better not to stop or hold […]

Tuberculosis – Dissertation Sample

Can directly observed therapy prevent the re-emergence of tuberculosis in northern England? The Department of Health reports that tuberculosis cases have increased by 25% in the last 10 years with 6500 cases reported each year. Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious disease and is caused by a kind of bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis better known […]

The Experimental Musician – Dissertation Sample

Norman Lebrecht (1992: introduction) cites the beginning of the twentieth century as the watershed in the history of musical evolution in the West.  “The history of music both ended and began in a Milan hotel room at 3 a.m. on 27 January 1901 when Giuseppe Verdi drew his final breath. Verdi was the last of the titans whom […]