Critical Enquiry – Music – Dissertation Sample

Brief 'By actively linking themselves to a particular tradition [the tradition of concrete music and electronic music], contemporary popular musicians are able to  construct an alternative history of popular music – not a history that begins with  blues and wends it way through R&B, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, the  Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and others, […]

Environmentalism – Dissertation Sample

Environmentalism are driven by the needs of people rather then the state of the natural world There is no single, unambiguous, universally-agreed definition of environmentalism (Middleton, 2003). However, for the purposes of this essay and in its broadest terms, environmentalism can be understood as referring to texts in various media and actions undertaken by individuals or groups of a […]

Web Page Rating System – Dissertation Sample

Web Page Rating system. This is used to capture feedback from visitors to the web page and send the information to the database server where further processing of the information for data quality and web page improvements are conducted. This project focus is on implementing an effective and easy method of capturing the user information […]

Why are Some People Healthy and Others Not? – Dissertation Sample

Since the middle of the 1980s, health care reform has been one of the top policy initiatives of most Western industrialized states and a strong determinant, in my humble opinion, of the factors determining why some people healthy and others are not. A new wave of reform has emerged that focuses on harnessing competition to […]

Managing Diversity in the UK Work Place – Dissertation Sample

This essay analyses managing diversity in the UK workplace, focusing on the importance of diversity in businesses, in today’s society. Diversity is a highly varied topic, which creates many issues and discrepancies for individuals and companies alike. Therefore, it is important to establish ways in which diversity can be controlled to ensure businesses retain a […]

Trident Submarine System – Dissertation Sample

Is there a requirement for the United Kingdom to maintain and develop a key strategic deterrent beyond Trident and if so, what should it be, could it be non-nuclear and will it be affordable?  The United Kingdom has previously developed and maintained a series of key strategic deterrents. The latest of these strategic deterrents is the Trident […]

Allied Air Power – Dissertation Sample

How successful were the Germans in countering Allied air power The demise of the Third Reich is one of the most richly observed areas of modern history with a myriad of books and literature on the political and military decline of Hitler’s Nazi State Much is made of the turning point of the Battle of Stalingrad (January 1943) with the […]

Psychological Battle Between Self Expression – Dissertation Sample

Stereotypes of Feminine Identity as Controlled by The Media The modern media gives women an identity based on stereotypes (e.g. housewife, mother, lover, career woman, film star femme fatal), yet simultaneously tells her that she is not good enough to fulfill this identity in her natural state. Not to worry, though, says the media — just the right commodity […]