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One of the most daunting tasks facing a student during their academic studies is the requirement to write a substantial dissertation on a particular topic, often with little guidance from their tutor or professor. You may begin to wonder what the following terms mean:

* What is a literature review?
* What information do I need to put in a methods section?
* In what order do I write the various sections?
* Where do I access the necessary research sources for my dissertation?
* How on earth do one format a dissertation?

Before you start writing a dissertation, it is necessary to know that in a number of foreign scientific institutions and scientific publications, it is customary to document the results of all studies conducted not only in laboratory protocols but also in the form of articles. In this case, scientific works have a slightly different character, not aiming at influencing the reader with an interesting hypothesis and convincing evidence, but only archiving the work of the collective of laboratories and scientific groups in projects whose results may be negative in relation to expectations, and the findings were statistically unreliable.

The first thing you need to know before writing a dissertation is that it should be a complete scientific work containing scientific novelty and / or practical significance, justification of the proposed provisions. The thesis should contain the main sections. The information in the sections should not be repeated.

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Dissertation composing steps

Step 1. Before writing a dissertation, you need to clearly formulate for yourself its general outline, which is an important preparatory stage.

Step 2. Before writing a dissertation, the author must identify for himself the specific goal and task of describing the work of the relevant studies carried out.

Step 3. It is necessary to define quite specifically the possibilities of solving the problematic moments when writing the candidate, which the author will have to face in the future.

Step 4. Plan and write down the key points for writing your candidate’s dissertation, then write the main idea of the article (“Message” – the letter to the reader) in one sentence (20-25 words).

Step 5. Before writing a dissertation, where to start – the author should ask himself and his work: “What would you say?”: “What do you want to say (article)?”

Step 6. All further work on the dissertation (Paper) should be focused around this central principle and idea.
Step 7. The section “Materials and methods of research” (The materials and methods) is written briefly and concisely, it includes only the most important details that characterize the studies you conducted.

Step 8. Form the problems and questions of your research: What was known to science before starting your studies? What did you do to answer the research questions?

Step 9. Determine the basic data and the results of your scientific work.

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